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Hypocrisy and CAlling

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Knowing my God Guided Bible Study Journal for Teens and Adults
Knowing My God Guided Bible Study Journal for Teens and Adults
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Knowing My God Guided Bible Study Journal for Teens and Adults

Ever notice those who manipulate you to ignore your calling because some other activity is “more spiritual” are also usually the ones pursuing their calling and manipulating people to take part?

Am I the only one who sacrificed my calling for someone else’s?

I was just thinking about this. For YEARS…literal years…I was in churches that made me feel guilty if I said no to different activities and service opportunities. You know the ones.

Work in the nursery


Cook for everyone

Clean the kitchen after a church potluck


And if you say, “You know, this really isn’t my gift and calling…” you may have been told, as I was,

“Well, it’s not about what you FEEL like doing or what you feel called to do. What? Are you too good to work in the nursery? Blah Blah Blah

Some Manipulative Person talking you into it…

Here’s the hilarious thing I eventually noticed about my call and their’s.

The person spewing that crapola NEVER worked in the nursery.

A lot of my fortunes started turning around when I stopped letting myself be manipulated and instead embraced who I am and who I’m called to be.

Gotta be honest. It freaked me right out to say, “No, I will not do (whatever)”

But when you say yes to things that are not part of your calling and purpose, then you get stuck saying no to your call and purpose…and I wasted far too much time in that state. No more.

Hypocrisy and CAlling. Thoughts on Embracing your calling no matter what anyone else says
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