Kimberly Eddy

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Actually, Good Credit DOES Matter

Actually, good credit does matter. Why you should stop listening to Dave Ramsey and build your credit.

Does having good credit matter even if you are avoiding debt? The short answer, yes. Here’s why. Back when I was young and thought I knew everything, I was also a big fan of talking heads who also think they know the One Right Way to Do Everything. Looking at you, Dave Ramsey. Any Dave […]

But is it Enough? Who cares!

But is it enough? Learning to build a habit of savings when you are already stretched

How much is “enough”? I often wrestled with knowing what I “Should” put into savings versus what I “Could” put there. I built a small but significant habit during our lean years that helped change everything for our family. I decided to start putting money into savings, no matter how small the amount, whenever I […]