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I’m Kimberly, a web and graphic designer in rural Michigan. I write about how to Build your Dream and fulfill your call from the ground up, after we learned to climb out of poverty on a tight shoestring. 

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Hypocrisy and CAlling

Hypocrisy and Calling

Ever notice those who manipulate you to ignore your calling because some other activity is “more spiritual” are also usually the ones pursuing their calling and manipulating people to take part? Am I the only one who sacrificed my calling for someone else’s? I was just thinking about this. For YEARS…literal years…I was in churches

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This one simple trick will help you manage your life better and build better habits

1 Simple Trick that helps you manage life better

In a perfect world, I’d create the ideal daily schedule, full of all the productive things, and stick to it without a hitch. I’d fill each minute of each day with only good things that help me press forward towards my goals. …In a perfect world. Alas, the world is not perfect. I’m not perfect.

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But is it enough? Learning to build a habit of savings when you are already stretched

But is it Enough? Who cares!

How much is “enough”? I often wrestled with knowing what I “Should” put into savings versus what I “Could” put there. I built a small but significant habit during our lean years that helped change everything for our family. I decided to start putting money into savings, no matter how small the amount, whenever I

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